College Success Program Classes

As you prepare for the start of school, there are some things that you can do now that will help you get the most out of your valuable time and investment. The College Success Program will help you get ready to start college in the classes required for your program, which means you may take fewer classes, spend less money and graduate sooner! You will also be familiar with the technology and programs you need to succeed so you won’t miss an important deadline or email and can find help when you need it.

Start this program by taking a Test of Adult Education (TABE).  The TABE test shows you the areas that you are strong in and where you need to brush up so the instruction can be individualized to meet your needs.

College Prep Math Classes
Do you need a Math refresher? Have you taken your ALEKS Math placement and scored at a lower level than required for your Program? Did you know that you may have to complete one or two prerequisite classes BEFORE you can enroll in your required Math class?

You will start with an individualized, self-paced class, that uses EdReady software along with fantastic instructors and tutors to make sure you have all the skills required for the PreAlgebra (M065) class. Depending on your ALEKS score and Program you may need to continue with Intro to Algebra (M090). When you are done, you can retake the ALEKS assessment and see if you can now start in your required Math class, which means you will take fewer classes, spend less money, and graduate sooner!

College Prep Writing
Has it been a while since you have written an essay? Did you receive a score of 7 or below on the Compass E-Write and need to take WRIT 095 before your required writing class? This class will provide individualized instruction to help you master some of the missing concepts. If you increase your E-Write score you can skip the WRIT 095 class which means you will take fewer classes, spend less money, and graduate sooner!

College-level reading material can also be challenging, This class helps you gain skills to read and understand your textbooks faster and retain more information. You will be learning from the actual textbooks used in the Program you are entering, which will give you a head start on your classes!

Foundations Of Student Success – Understanding expectations, managing stress, and developing organizational skills.
The decision to go to College can be a major life change. The demands on your time increase significantly and it is sometimes tough to fit it all in and still balance work, family, and life. Organization is critical to ensure you are keeping up on all your assignment and project deadlines and aren’t burning the midnight oil for that big test tomorrow. Learn how to get and stay organized to effectively manage your time. Knowing when and how to get help also takes some of the pressure off. You’d be surprised how easy it is to access vital – and usually free – academic support.

How To Study In College – Introducing Top Study Skills Used By Successful Student
College students are required to process and remember a lot of information. You need to take notes from lectures and read chapter after chapter of written material. Make your life a little easier and learn the tricks that successful students use to study and prepare for tests.

In this class you will learn how to:

Show Me the Money – Understanding Financial Aid, Student Loans, and Your Credit
Now that you have been accepted into College, you have to figure out how to pay for it and all your other expenses while you are in school. This class helps you understand your financial aid, including grants and loans. Scholarship and Grant opportunities that you may not be aware of that could reduce your financial burden are also explored. Looking ahead to when you graduate, this class will help you understand the impacts of Student Loan repayment and your credit score.

Making the Most of College – Finding the Resources You Need
Everyone wants you to be successful in college. There is an abundance of resources to help you connect with other students, get help in Math or Writing, find your dream job, or continue on to a four-year degree to name a few. This class helps you demystify who can do what for you and how you access the services you need. The class even walks you down and shows you where to find the programs and introduces you to the people who can help you.