Propose a Class

How do I Propose a Class?
Submit the following materials to propose a class to be offered through Missoula County Public School’s Adult Education Division:

  1. Class description that is suitable for publication in the catalog
  2. Session-by-Session outline of the topics to be covered
  3. Title, Author, Publisher and ISBN of the required textbook (if applicable)
  4. Resume that represents your unique qualification to instruct the class
    • Please email a picture of yourself and a short biography suitable for posting online
  5. If the proposal is for an art or other “creative” class, pictures of the final projects
  6. List of supplies that each student will need to provide
  7. Total number of hours of instruction and preferred times, dates, and classroom equipment needed

The above items should be submitted with a cover letter that discusses the level of interest and demand for the class(es) in our community to: MCPS Adult Education Division, 310 S Curtis, Missoula MT 59801 or email to  Please call 549-8765 if you have questions.

When are the materials due?
The Adult Education Division accepts course proposals at any time. We offer six class sessions per year, the above materials must be submitted 8 weeks prior to the session begin date:propose a class

  • Jan-Feb Session
  • Mar-Apr Session
  • May-June Session
  • July-Aug Session (limited class schedule due the same time as May-June)
  • Sept-Oct Session
  • Nov-Dec Session

How are instructors compensated?
Each instructor is an employee of Missoula County Public Schools and is required to provide proof of employability by submitting a Social Security Number and other official picture identification as well as provide evidence of testing negatively for Tuberculosis within the past year. Instructors sign a general employment agreement.  The current hourly rate is $28 per classroom hour.