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Startup Business Entrepreneurship Launch Concept

If you’re ready to learn about what possibilities exist to earn income with your very own online business, then this course is for you! Do you want to create more sales for a current business, start a part-time stand-alone business, augment your income, create more financial security for yourself, or finally become your own boss? An online business may be just what you are looking for! Learn about drop shipping; affiliate sales; selling your skills, knowledge, or information; understand the basics of online coaching and consulting; get acquainted with current sales and learning platforms; and understand the basic business skills needed to start your very own online business. Topics included are an industry overview, pros-and-cons of an online business, and a review of the 2 major online business models and their strategies available for online entrepreneurs. When you complete this 4-week course, you will have a solid understanding of online entrepreneurial business opportunities, decide if any are right for you.

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