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We are hiring a part time Basic Skills instructor for our Ravalli County Academic Success Program 15-20 hours $29 per hour.  Position description below!




POSITION TITLE:  Ravalli County Academic Success Program (ASP) Instructor/Advisor


JOB GOAL:            The ASP Program Instructor/Advisor works closely with the MCPS Adult Education Director, Supervisor, ASP Department Chair, and other staff to provide high quality ASP services in Ravalli County. This position is responsible for enrolling, assessing, advising and instructing eligible students in mathematics, science, reading, social studies and writing specifically in preparation for the High School Equivalency (HSE) exam, college, training, or workforce entry while using up-to-date and sound pedagogical methods appropriate for adult learners.


Instructional Responsibilities

  1. Uses College and Career Readiness Standards, to develop an organized sequence of instruction in math, science, social studies, reading and writing for HSE exam, college preparation, training or workforce entry based on individual student learning plans.
  2. Instructs enrolled ASP students while monitoring progress toward attaining educational goals.
  3. Utilizes student interests and experience to provide contextualized learning opportunities.
  4. Employs a variety of instructional strategies appropriate to the needs of learners, including individualized and group instruction and the integration of technology.
  5. Tracks student progress and prepares them for posttests utilizing the Test of Adult Basic Education.
  6. Completes student documentation accurately and reports in a timely manner following ASP policy guidelines.
  7. Employs various techniques to improve student retention and goal attainment in the classroom.
  8. Creates a comfortable and motivating environment for adult learners.
  9. Makes recommendations for curriculum and program development.
  10. Participates in ASP department meetings and professional development activities.


Advising Responsibilities

  1. Conducts pre and posttests for students.
  2. Enrolls students in the program by discussing goals, current skills utilizing the Test of Adult Basic Education results, previous school history and any barriers and/or requirements regarding participation.
  3. Develops student-learning plans including classroom schedules and assists students in setting, documenting, monitoring progress toward, and revising meaningful educational goals.
  4. Provides students with access to information that supports the attainment of goals including HiSET registration, special accommodations for testing, post-secondary education enrollment, and access to support services agencies in the community.
  5. Conducts progress reports and follow up with students including providing information to referring agencies when requested and releases of information allow.
  6. Maintains a high level of confidentiality and professional conduct when communicating with students and staff.
  7. Communicates with MCPS Adult Education Division Director, about Ravalli County program, community and student needs.
  8. Markets and promotes the ASP program to the Ravalli Community.
  9. Clearly and concisely communicates orally and in writing with staff, students, other divisions, collaborating agencies, and the public.



  1. BA in Education or related field with additional coursework in Adult Learning styles.
  2. Academic preparation in Mathematics, Reading, Science, Social Studies, Writing, Computer-Assisted Instruction and Learning Disabilities preferred.
  3. Previous classroom experience teaching adults with multiple educational barriers.
  4. Experience working collaboratively with community agencies and educational organizations.
  5. Experience utilizing technology as an integrated tool for learning, communication and record keeping.
  6. Content and teaching competence which engages the adult student and focuses on student learning.
  7. Proven ability to effectively communicate orally and in writing.
  8. Experience providing excellent customer service and resolving student-related issues.
  9. Proven ability to uphold policies and a high-standard of confidentiality.


TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT:                  Part-time assignment based in Ravalli County.  All other benefits available to MCPS Adult Education Division part-time instructors apply. Compensation is at the rate of $29 per instructional hour and $25 per hour for other professional time.  Approximately 14-25 hours per week.  Grant fund position.


IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR:                 Adult Education Director


STARTING DATE:                                  July 2018


DEADLINE FOR APPLICATION:         Wednesday June 27 at noon


APPLICATION PROCEDURES:                             Submit the following:

  1. Comprehensive resume
  2. Cover letter that addresses the 9 qualifications
  3. Transcripts (unofficial)


Submit application materials:

                                                                                Monique Fortmann, Adult Education Director

                                                                                310 South Curtis

                                                                                Missoula, MT   59801





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