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POSITION TITLE:         Workforce Computer Application Instructor/Technology Coordinator

JOB GOAL:      Using up-to-date and pedagogical skills to ensure active participation and learning by students, the instructor will provide appropriate training for students in technology applications.  Provides technical assistance in maintaining computers and networks for MCPS Adult Education Division.  Works with businesses to offer training and recruits instructors to deliver workforce training.



  1. Shares the objective and purpose of lessons with students and provides instruction that develops skills and comprehension related to the program/course objectives.
  2. Adjusts instructional techniques to the various levels of student ability.
  3. Uses instructional techniques that develop positive work habits, independent thinking, inquiry and analysis.
  4. Follows prescribed course scope and sequence, makes recommendations for curriculum improvement.
  5. Develops and uses appropriate supplemental materials.
  6. Facilitates student evaluation, which may include testing and evaluating skill level competencies of students.
  7. Submits attendance and related student records at the conclusion of each course/program.


  1. Performs computer maintenance, troubleshooting and repairing of hardware and software.
  2. Responds to Trouble Reports submitted by the Computer/Technology Instructors in a timely manner.
  3. Installs software and addresses hardware problems as directed by the Adult Education Supervisor.
  4. Maintains Adult Education computer labs by performing cleaning of hardware and hard drives.


  1. Works with businesses and professional organizations to identify workforce training needs.
  2. Develops courses or recruits instructors to instruct workforce training classes.



  1. Academic preparation in computer applications.
  2. Related work experience using the specific applications.
  3. Content and teaching competence that engages the adult student and focuses on student learning.
  1. Experience and/or training in installing and configuring; Windows networks and printer servers.
  2. Experience and/or training with computer maintenance and troubleshooting.
  3. Experience working with a variety of business and professional organizations to identify training needs.
  4. Experience developing customized workforce training
  1. Ability to communicate material in a clear and concise manner.
  2. Ability to work with students, colleagues, and supervisors in a collaborative and professional manner.


REPORTS TO:                                      Adult Education Supervisor and Director


APPLICATION DEADLINE:       May 21 at noon


TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT:      Compensation is $28 per instructional hour (approximately 700 hours per year) and $24 per non-instructional hour (approximately 400 hours per year). 12 month position, with most hours Sept-June.  Assignments made based on the need of the program and may include daytime and evenings.



                                                            Applicants will submit

  • Comprehensive resume including references
  • Cover letter that addresses the 9 qualifications
  • Transcripts
  • Copies of certifications


Submit to:                                 Monique Fortmann, Adult Education Director

The Lifelong Learning Center

310 South Curtis, Missoula MT 59801

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